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Curb Appeal -- How Waterloov Gutter Covers will look on you home.

Would you rather have a product that looks like a helmet from the Renaissance era of history? Or would you rather have a product that compliments your home -- brings your roof line and gutter line together and has curb appeal? Would you rather have a product that looks unfinished in certain areas or one that has a completed look?

Invariably our customers feel that the appearance of the Waterloov® product compliments their home and does not detract at all.
Choose from 18+ colors.

Choose a color to blend with the roof color.
 A closely matching color causes the Waterloov® protector to practically disappear from view -- it just blends in. Often prospective customers, who want to see what it looks like on a home, are given an address where they will find Waterloov®  and they report that they didn't see anything on the gutters. Yet, when we send them back, under closer examination, they do see the Waterloov®. It can practically disappear from view. One customer came home, looked up, didn't see the system and thought someone stole the system. Of course under closer examination, he saw the system.

Choose a color to match the gutter.
Don't get hung up on perfectly matching your gutter color with the gutter protector. Why? Because of the lighting that affects what the color looks like is at different angles. Using a slightly darker color will blend in with a lighter gutter color and be imperceptible to the average eye. One client with a wood shake roof (brown) and white gutters, chose black Waterloov® to accent his roof/gutter line.

General guide lines:
 If you have a black roof and want to blend with the roof color, choose bronze as opposed to black. It's rare that a roof is pitch black. The sun usually bleaches the color and black panels may show up as a dark black strip on top of your gutters whereas bronze will blend right in and practically disappear from sight.

If you have white gutters and lots of debris (where you need to clean your gutters several times a year), stay away from using white. They will look beautiful in the beginning but the debris will darken them. Even though they brighten if you brush them after a rainfall (when they are still wet)they will more often look less attractive than you may desire.

If you have streaking white gutters, they may always continue to streak with Waterloov®. The best way to get rid of the unsightly stripping is to frequently clean them with a product like Simple Green or replace them with a different color--any darker color will do.

Choosing the color of a direct pipe that connects an upper roof to a lower roof.
Unfettered water from a higher gutter erodes your lower roof and may overshoot any gutter guard on a lower gutter. Waterloov is the only product that when installed takes into consideration this problem. Instead of dumping water from an upper gutter onto a lower roof where it will contribute to rotting or wearing of the roofing, Waterloov installs a leader called a direct pipe down the roof and connects it with an elbow into the top of the Waterloov panel on the lower gutter. When white gutters and downspouts are used with brown, black, or some other color roofing, brown, bronze or some other color leader is used across the dark roofing to blend in with the color of the roofing.

End Caps: Every gutter and every roof is at a different angle--there is nothing standard here. With Waterloov, each end-cap is custom fabricated. A bird shield (flat piece of metal) is cut to size to fit behind the gutter and connect with the roofing to keep birds from entering. Then, a portion of a Waterloov panel is cut and fabricated to close off the end of the gutter to complete the appearance, contribute to curb appeal and keep out birds.      

Gutter that extends onto trim boards: If you have a gutter that extends past the roofing and continues onto the rake of the roof (trim board). Most other systems stop the gutter cover at the end of the roofing and place flat metal over the gutter that continues onto the rake board leaving an unfinished look. Waterloov is installed on the entire gutter to give it a finished look.

Home with white gutter and dark bronze Waterloov gutter covers.
Match The Roof - Bronze Waterloov on White Gutter with Dark Roof

Match The Roof - Bronze Waterloov on White Gutter with Dark Roof

Match The Gutter - White Waterloov on White Gutter

Match The Gutter - White Waterloov on White Gutter

Direct Pipe

End Cap

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